Connect Data, Build and Drive Business Success

A cloud-based, scalable application purpose-built from decades of experience solving data challenges for marketing, customer and I.T. teams. 

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Connecting Data

HitchData uses an agnostic approach on connecting, receive and sending data.


Specifically, HitchData has the following ways to allow a customer to connect and input date including:


  • Event Stream: JS Tags:  This is a real-time feed

  • API Connections:  HitchData has an internal and published API library 

  • Batch Connections:  HitchData can use any number of batch connections including FTP and SFTP.  

  • Direct Selector/Direct Insert:  HitchData allows a direct query from the Customer Database.

The Engine Room

The core area where data can be cleansed, combined and where models such as engagement occur to drive insights

This includes but is not limited to:


  • Engagement engine

  • Personalisation engine

  • Segmentation Engine

  • Cleansing Engine

  • Decision-Making Engine

  • Hitch Controller/Scheduler

The Data Layer

HitchData can help in a variety of ways where customers need ongoing data management.

In order to provide the unique ability to scale and expand for customers with precision, HitchData have three main Database components in use:


  • Identification Database:   Platform authentication and authorisation 

  • App Database:  All the web facing activity and actions 

  • Customer Database:  customer configured database area

  • Customer Data Warehouse:  On request and based on need