Partners are the drivers of our growth

HitchData's Partner Program provides you with the tools, training, and resources you need to deliver value to your customers and grow your business.

Benefits of Partnerships

HitchData support our partner's business goals

Increase Revenue Per Customer


Offering HitchData Solutions allows your to increase the size of your engagement agreements with each customer. As you show more the advanced data value of your services it becomes easy to add new strategies and services into each customer engagement.

Retain Customers with Data Services


Offering data centric solutions to your services line enables your organisation to retain customers.  Most customers are looking for more help in how to use their data and suffering.  HitchData can help behind the scenes with how you help your customers.

Implement ROI Centric Services


HitchData Partners have a clean and easy view into all the data and reporting necessary to quickly quantify their value to a customer. With the Parent/child account model partners can streamline internal processes and increase their operational efficiency.

HitchData gives agencies plenty of options to chose from

Partner Types

Referral Partner:

This is for a partner who has complementary offerings and customers that may be interested in HitchData Services and the Hitch Platform.  Simply refer and introduce HitchData to potential opportunities and we will take care of the rest.


Commissions:  If a lead referral converts to a sale, HitchData will pay partner a % of the 1st year subscription to HitchData (not including services fees). These payments will be paid quarterly after HitchData receive payment from the customer. 



Reseller & Agency Partner: 

This is for a partner who has both complementary offerings and customers as well as the capability and commitment to either (1) Only resell HitchData for a commission or (2) Resell and manage the Hitch Platform on behalf of HitchData as part of the partners own ongoing business model.



For Reseller-Only: HitchData will pay a commission of a % of the 1st year subscription (not including services fees and per Referral Agreement).

For Reseller/Agency: HitchData will discount ongoing partner invoices by a % during the lifetime of the customer engagement (not including services fees). 



Product Integration Partner: 

This is for a partner who has a product which through standard or custom integrations and connections can add value to HitchData customers.

Commissions:  If an integration partnership includes the opportunity to drive lead generation HitchData will negotiate additional referral commission structures to ensure value for the partner.