How to Become a Partner

A potential partner must first request to be registered as an authorised partner for the purpose of referrals.  To do this they must email with the following details:


  • Name and Title

  • Company Name and address

  • Contact details (email, phone)

  • Short Description of what they do


Following an application review, the partner will be sent a (1) Partnership Brief, (2) NDA and a (3) Hitchdata Partnership Legal Agreement.  On signing of these documents, the partnership will be recognised as live.


How to Register Referrals/Sales:

To register referrals, a recognised partner can send an email to with the following opportunity details:


  • Name and Title

  • Company Name and address

  • Contact details

  • Specific needs of the opportunity


HitchData will acknowledge receipt of the lead and let you know if the lead applies as an accepted lead referral – i.e. someone we are not talking to already.

Marketing and Cross Promotion:

A benefit of being a HitchData partner is the ability for us to respectively tap into each other’s customer and audience base.  Depending on the level of partnership, there a number of different options for cross promotions including:


  • Joint PR and social media opportunities

  • Joint webinars

  • Guest posting on the HitchData blog about thought leadership in areas of interest

  • Add HitchData as a partner to your website and linking back.


More detail on Integration Partners:

HitchData solutions.recognises the value in working with other solutions to provide a richer and broader experience for our customers.  We want to build an ecosystem of like-minded applications around HitchData - that can be easily integrated, share information and build the experience around better data-driven


As an integration partner, HitchData will work with you to:


  • Develop successful integration points between HitchData and your solutions

  • Promote the integration on our website and marketing collateral - describing the partner app, a link back to your site, and screenshots of the integration

  • If it commercially makes sense look at more "baking in" integration to the partner product from our product.


Apply Today:

Let us know if you want to discuss becoming a partner today.  


Email us at