Data Solutions For Performance Reporting


Businesses invest heavily in data reporting and visualisation tools such as Tableau, PowerBI (and many others).  Unfortunately, as great as these solutions are, there is still work that needs to be done connecting various data sets and building out the data models for use in reporting 


Using HitchData, customers currently can connect, validate, have customise data and business rules, as well as choose from a variety of ways to connect this data to their existing data reporting solutions in-house.

Helping get the data you need to your in-house reporting solutions including Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI.


As great as the modern data reporting solutions are at helping achieve 'Business Intelligence' and visualisation there is often still a missing piece...and it gets even harder the larger the business is.  Businesses get stuck asking "How can I get help to connect, prepare and ensure the right data is ready for use in the reporting solution?"


Using HitchData's cloud-based, enterprise platform and support services a customer can solve this ofter missed component. Within a much shorter period of time than typical IT projects or services based solutions, the team at HitchData can:


  • Work with your existing reporting platforms including but not limited to Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI.

  • Confirm and assist in data discovery and various file source needs.

  • Build and activate the data schema and any additional calculation needs.

  • Build engagment models, individualised vs aggregrated models, revenue models and other crticial data models.

  • Provide the appropriate timing necessary for the business reporting including real-time, timed batches or other.

  • Provide the appropriate connectivity including direct connect from Hitch to the reporting solution or data connection to reporting data warehouse for the reporting solution.

  • Provide ongoing monitoring and alerting on all activity and data involved in campaigns.


With your HitchData Solution you will get:

  • Technical team support to ensure your setup and go-live are successful.

  • Ongoing support required to ensure continual return on investment.


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