Facebook Custom Audience Solution For Email Platforms

Connect email platforms like Oracle/Responsys and orchestrate Facebook Audience campaigns seamlessly.


Marketers have invested heavily in technology to achieve cross channel and 1:1 marketing goals. Native Social media tools such as Facebook offer high value but are not connected or require heavily manual effort taking away from marketers ability to be strategic and not just operational.



Using Hitch, a customer can be set up for data flow, connections, and logic between their ESP and Facebook marketing campaigns. With decades of experience in connecting marketing technology and data Hitch Facebook Custom Audience is a seamless and easy choice to get your marketing to Facebook audiences up and running today.

Reduce time and effort to deliver higher matches and more returns on your customer marketing with using this custom 'Hitch' for Facebook audiences.


The HitchData's Facebook Custom Audience Management Solution is the key component to orchestrating Email and Facebook with products such as Oracle Marketing Cloud/Responsys and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Within a very short period of time, you can begin using the power of your marketing automation platforms with Facebook in a much more efficient way including:


  • Set up automated programs and connections for pushing targeted customer data to your Facebook campaigns.

  • The configuration in Hitch of custom flags, files, and rules for use in Facebook including email address, audience name, action, as well as other needs.

  • Connection into Facebook to kick off campaigns using specific audiences.

  • Monitoring and alerting on all activity and data involved in campaigns.



With your HitchData Solution you will get:

  • Technical team support to ensure setup and go-live are successful.

  • account to review all activity in the Hitchand loginA .View product.

  • Ongoing support required to ensure continual return on investment.


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