Common Questions

Do you have various data in systems that you want to use but dont know where to start?

We have worked with large and enterprise companies for years around these challenges.  We use that experience to help you solve using data from systems like salesforce, hubspot, mailchimp and your POS for more targetting, segmented and revenue generated results.


Do you find you cannot report on various customer data activity because of its all in different systems and formats?

We help you connect, manage, calculate various data. without having to buy complex systems. You can build one set of integrations with Hitch and do it quickly without having to wait for IT prioritisation.


Are you looking for a more supported, cost-effective solution to achieve a single customer view and build personalisation success?

HitchData can act as a central data management area for your customer data and use its decision engine to help build out targetted, personalised and automated programs across channels like email.


Do you have to go to IT every time you need to get a new piece of data to enable your programs?

The ability to build a 'Hitch' we can help you scale our your activity and manage it in one location.


Do you find yourself needing to take data from various sources such as CRM, CMS, offer systems and have to build each one separately?

HitchData has come from this new world of having many vendors, data systems and now automated, real-time needs.  We can help not only technically but also from a point of expertise from having solved this over the last decade.