Case Study: Activating Golf Club Membership Data for New Revenue

Stitched POS, member and email data together

Reduced effort from days to minutes  to achieve

Enabled the true potential within the client's POS & member data


partner focus:
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Challenge: Golf Clubs must use more data to drive better customer experiences and new revenue growth.

"We selected HitchData to help transform and automate our client's marketing and customer engagement because of the decades of experience the team brings to all our clients."

Warwick Kells, Director

Working with the Director of Dovetail Group, Warwick Kells, HitchData supported the goal of helping golf clubs drive better member engagement and help future revenue growth.  Dovetail Group are a strategic agency specialising in providing guidance for businesses who need to modernise their marketing and use automation and data insights to drive revenue growth and customer engagement. 


"After years working in enterprise marketing technology with the likes of Oracle/Responsys, I knew that membership businesses such as golf clubs were not maximising data and automation to be more efficient and relevant.  My passion for golf drew me to solve this problem for the industry.  After 'looking under the hood' and discovering all the multiple databases, manual work and lost opportunities I knew there was a better way." Says Warwick.

Combined Data and Automation
Radically Changes Approach

Project Highlights:

  • Combined POS transactional data, club house product data, member and
    email data for first
    time data

  • Built out a single custom file of member engagement data for purchase offers.

  • Automated process and reduced effort from 7 hours down to 5 minutes.

  • Able to be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Shifted to 'new school' of working with data and building out customer lifecycles.


Standardised Data and Approach

Dovetail's goal with their client was to use automation and technology to drive new revenue and customer engagement.  The primary use case was to drive personalised email offers based on members of the golf course who did or did not spend in the shops and food areas.  To do this Dovetail had to determine what data could help with pushing their client into a more scaleable automated model instead of all the manual, painful work done to date. 


The first finding was that all the sources of data and rules for use were disconnected and undefined.  Using a combined briefing and discovery stage as part of the process, all the different files and data needs were established.  Dovetail quickly uncovered that building out a data design document helped establish how to use the data in the customer engagement email programs used for driving revenue.


The next task was getting the data out of the client's core systems and across to HitchData for transformation.  In this case providing HitchData's standard sFTP connector was the most appropriate model and the files were exported and dropped for pickup.


Finally, using the data design document, Dovetail was able to build out the business rules for use in HitchData to drive what members received via email offers based on how many times they have booked golf or spent money on products in either the bar, cafes or pro shops.  HitchData was able to ETL and then use Hitch Engine for building the required member-based marketing file.


The result, up to 7 hours manual file manipulation and processing reduced to a maximum of 5 minutes each time for HitchData to provide the enriched data files that Dovetail used in creating automated email programs.  Over time the business rules around the engagement and purchase models can be changed and adapted based on the learnings from work.

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"Seeing a process that took hours across days to execute reduced down to minutes, with over 100,000 pieces of data, was powerful when you consider the fact that most mid-size businesses don't have the staff nor time to create truly great customer experiences...until now! "

Warwick Kells, Director, Dovetail Group