Melbourne, Australia


Much more than just software

Founded by people who know how valuable customer experiences are but also how hard it can be to get the data right.  We build tech but also are there to help.

Founded and based in Melbourne, Australia, HitchData provides cloud-based software and professional services to the mid and enterprise markets. HitchData believes there is a better way to enable business to access and use their data alongside their large and sophisticated technology investments  


We all know that consumer relationships have moved successfully from offline to online, are demanding to be known and want an interactive dialogue.   Vendors have helped greatly in that transformation using this new abundance of data. Vendors such as Oracle, Salesforce and Adobe are continually building evolutionary technology to help customers achieve their overall digital and data-driven goals. 


But HitchData knows that no customer only has one vendor solution – many have all. Unlike these major vendors HitchData works with all of them and can support them together–‘Hitching’ all these investments.  Most vendors simply cannot support anything beyond their own products.  Additionally, internal IT teams have major priorities with this new digital transformation and data-driven age – and HitchData works along-side these professionals.


The founders of HitchData have built the HitchData Platform and provide expert data advisory and execution services based on decades working with customers who need to outsource the ‘service’ of connecting data and structuring it between their various vendors and their internal data environments.