Founded by people who know how valuable customer data is, are but also how hard it can be to get that data right.  

Founded and based in Melbourne, Australia, HitchData provides solutions and support to the small, medium and franchise business.   The founders of HitchData started HitchData based on decades working with customers who need outside help connecting data to drive growth and revenue.

HitchData believes there is a better way to enable a business to access and use their data alongside the typically large and sophisticated technology investments.

HitchData knows that no customer only has one piece of technology or set of data – many five to ten or more.  HitchData works with all of them and can support them together –‘Hitching’ all these investments.  Most vendors simply cannot support anything beyond their own products.  Additionally, internal IT teams have major priorities with this new digital transformation and data-driven age – and HitchData works along-side your team as necessary.