Melbourne, Australia


Unlock, Engage and Grow Customer Revenue

Providing small and mid-size businesses with the ability to connect, enhance and use POS, CRM, web and other critical data for customer revenue.

How does HitchData Work?

The HitchData provides an expert-led discovery and ongoing support services coupled with our cutting-edge Hitch Platform.

Professional Services

HitchData can support customers
in a variety of ways including ongoing
custom management services or
ad hoc data services needs.

Products & Solutions

HitchData's products and solutions 
help connect, identify and use data
in your business faster and more
affordable than ever.

What is the HitchData Platform?

Our technology provides enterprise scale, connectivity,
decisioning and automation. 

Hitch Connect

Hitch can ingest data from any of your core data systems in real time including marketing automation, CRM, POS and web analytics.

Hitch Engine

The core of Hitch where the combined data can be cleansed, combined and where models such as engagement occur to drive insights.

Hitch Engage

Standard and customise the continual push of data to core systems including POS and CRM in real time or as needed.

Why use HitchData?

HitchData is here to ensure your data strategy pays off.

Maximise Technology 

HitchData works with a customer's current investments in technology stacks and helps ensure these investments pay off.

 Achieve Results Faster

HitchData works with your internal IT teams, external agencies and other key stakeholders to get results faster and more efficiently.

Unlock Valuable Data

HitchData's team of experts help with the best advice on how to connect and get valuable data into action.